I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I remember writing a 37 page story when I was 12 years old that I handed in for an English assignment. Now, everyone else wrote a couple of pages, but my magnum opus got me sent to the Head of English. Apparently once upon a time he’d been published and he wanted to impart some wisdom. His wisdom: to keep writing, each and every day. It was simple and direct but it took me almost another decade to follow it.

Over the years I’ve written many different things. Short films, short stories, fan fiction (including being involved in online rpgs for a few years), advice columns, a thesis, reviews – a veritable plethora of nonsense. I’ve trained as an advertising copywriter, even winning an award as the best copywriter of my year! For the past few years I’ve been focussed on writing a novel which has consumed all my writing time. I’m nearing the end of the third draft and then I’ll send it out into the world. I follow the wisdom given to me as a 12 year old – every day I try and write 500 words. More or less I stick to it.

On this page I’ll be sharing some of my writing with you. Hopefully you guys will like it as much as I liked writing it.

And what was that first story about? A dwarf named Ulric who wanted gold. I found it a couple of years back. It was awful, full of battles and terrible speeches, but do you know what? I had a huge smile on my face as I read it. It even had a rather gruesomely drawn battle scene!  (and no, I’m probably not going to share it!)


Novel Teaser

Ad Portfolio

Cowboy Bebop Review – written for Graduate Journal of Asia Pacific Studies


One response

3 12 2008

i know of authors who started the way you do – they just kept on writing and writing. your work is worth getting published!

keep it up.

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