Here be dragons (soonish)

15 04 2011

Part of the reason I started blogging again was to try and get my motivation for writing up. Well it’s worked … but not really in the way I expected. The novel I have been plotting and developing and was anticipating getting started writing on has been hijacked by another story.


But it’s a good thing. When inspiration sneaks up on you need to harness it and ride it for all its worth, otherwise it’ll sneak off on you as soon as you turn away. The irony of the situation is that the story that has snuck up on me is an idea that I have been tossing around for a couple of years. I had some characters, I had a setting, I even had some great imagery but I had no story. Until a couple of days ago when an idea wriggled its way into my consciousness.

The idea involves an “original” take on a fantasy staple. I put original in “ “ because it’s original to me, I’ve never come across it before (plus I don’t believe there are original ideas out there – we just put our own take/spin on what has gone before). I’m quite pleased with it, all sorts of story possibilities are presenting themselves and it means I get to write a story with dragons. The only thing better than writing a story about dragons, riding a freaking dragon 😛

Of course there is still a mountain of work to do refining and planning before writing proper begins but yay! I’m feeling chuffed.