love affair part deux

8 09 2008

The love affair continues…

We managed to track down another 4 Mighty Muggs:




Captain Rex, Asajj Ventriss, Anakin, Count Dooku

No Darth Vader and no Leia however 😦


our new love affair

5 09 2008

Oh dear.

Kirsty and I have fallen in love. Of course we’re still in love with each other but we’ve discovered these guys below and we have to have them.



 It started with Han and Boba yesterday when I saw them in a shop, but today I went and bought Chewie, Obi Wan, Luke and Mace Windu as well. I’m glad we got Chewie he is sooooo awesome but we really want Darth Vader and Princess Leia as well. Unfortunately everywhere seems to have sold out 😦





Still our dudes freaking rock. Methinks the cats might have competition for our affections.