a Wii lot of fun

5 10 2008

Well we finally made up our minds and bought the Nintendo Wii yesterday. We also bought the Wii Fit and Mariokart as well. The Wii is awesome! I set it up around 4pm and by the time we finally looked at the time it was 8.30. We should have an idea of the time from the cats who kept on hanging around.

At first I thought most of the workouts on the Wii Fit weren’t that intense but this morning I actually feel that exercise burn feeling in my muscles. I haven’t tried the Wii Yoga stuff yet, Kirsty tried it and said it was killer, but that’s pretty much the only section I didn’t try. I probably enjoyed the “games” the most, especially the tightrope one where you’re crossing between two buildings on a narrow rope and this chomping thing comes towards you. Heaps of fun. I gotta remember to make sure the blinds are shut, otherwise the neighbours will wonder what the hell is going on!

And finally Mariokart is awesome. I loved it on the N64 and I loved it on the Gameboy and now I love it on the Wii. It does feel a bit weird twisting the supplied wheel back and forth in mid air though.