don’t catch shelving!!

20 01 2009

Spent today shifting around the children’s fiction section of my library. Major lesson that I learnt: if you drop library grade shelving don’t try and catch it. I received a nasty cut on my palm doing just that. Still the shelves work really well now. 

I also managed to finish off chapter 2 today. Going into the revision I thought it just needed some cosmetic changes and a few updates to reflect the current state of the novel but I managed to cut out a whole page of stuff! Call me Rob the Butcher. The slaughter continues as I excise an entire chapter next (goodbye 4000 words) then move on to another chapter which feels uncomfortably long. It’ll be interesting though as I’m going back to a slightly naïve character who is radically different by the end of the novel. Should be fun!


school holidays – where the wild things are

1 10 2008

Working in a public library during school holidays can be busy. Working in a public library during school holidays as a Children’s Librarian is madness. During the school terms we’re usually only on site for a couple of hours, the remainder of the time is involved in planning and delivery of programmes. In the school holidays we’re on site for a minimum of four hours a day. Some days its cool and you get to have some fun interactions with the kids then other days its damage control as you try to prevent broken limbs as kids sprint around the library.

the awesome when a monster is born

the awesome when a monster is born

Today I had my school holiday storytime which had a “Where the Wild Things Are” theme. It was fun, we had about 40 kids and they really enjoyed the stories. I got to read Where the Wild Things Are (of course) as well as the awesomeness that is When a Monster is Born. When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor and Nick Sharratt is probably my all time favourite read aloud and it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser when you do school visits. Plus I get to do awesome monster voices as well as various other characters.