7 10 2008

(really unimaginative title for this post huh?)

We’re loving our Wii so much so that it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have it. When I left for work this morning Kirsty was in the midst of her Wii Fit routine and had a shiny sweat on – that’s a good thing 🙂 Last night instead of watching the trainwreck that is NZs Got Talent we played Wii Sport for an hour or so. Awesome stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with me when NBA Live 09 gets released this Friday. Will I keep on Wii-ing or will the annual obsession that is NBA Live takeover? I’m guessing I’m going to fit them both in 😀

Writing has been a slow progress lately. I guess by doing editing and reviewing of the previous draft I feel like I’m not really writing. I know it’s an extremely important process but it’s not like hitting my 500 word target for every day. I think I just need to suck it up and power through the rest of the novel.

K has an opportunity to pitch some tv shows to South Pacific Pictures soon. She already works there as a storyliner on Shortland Street but having your own show is the dream of every scriptwriter. Actually she already has had her own show, Karoake High which she co created with Sarah Mayberry. It did okay but wasn’t picked up for a second series. Anyway we’ve got a few ideas that we’re going to kick into shape so fingers crossed!