thanks global warming!

12 02 2009

“It’s like Asia.”

That was the comment someone at Kirsty’s work made about the weather. And when I heard that I wholeheartedly agreed. A couple years back we flew in to Hong Kong in August in the middle of their rainy season. Leaving the blissfully air conditioned airport was like walking into a wall of wet heat. You could literally feel your clothes getting heavy with the moisture and it always felt like a thunder storm was just moments away. On our last day there we saw the laser light show over the waterfront and then the weather broke and we had to run for cover as lightning and a torrential downpour hit.

I didn’t expect Auckland to get like that. It is so hot and humid at the moment. The only thing we’re missing is the thunder storms. I had to do two storytimes yesterday. After the first one I was sent home to have a shower and get changed as I was drenched in sweat. In the afternoon I did another storytime and I had to change again.

It wasn’t like this last year.

Of course being kiwis we never designed our houses to cope with either the heat or the cold. As a result we swelter in summer and freeze in winter. I feel sorry for the cats. Goldie, who is never one to indulge in unnecessary exercise at the best of times, simply walks onto our tiled kitchen floor and slumps to the ground. Tinka, his brother, disappears under the house for hours then in the evenings when it’s usually cuddle time (i.e. sprawling along the length of my legs and kneading my feet) he just lies like a corpse on the floor under the coffee table.

And its even hotter today 😦


for those with cats…

25 09 2008

this made me laugh today: