Fullmetal is coming back!

3 09 2008

I saw this news about a new Fullmetal Alchemist anime series and I got excited. The first series is one of Kirsty and my favourites, probably only behind Cowboy Bebop and Haibane Renmei in our affections. Like a lot of anime series it produced some awe inspiring episodes and visuals and at others some meh, what were they thinking stuff. But it was consistently good. The labyrinthine plot always held our interest and there were moments of genuine emotion. Plus the characters were awesome, Ed and Al’s relationship was the heart of the show and you truly felt for them.

One of our funniest anime memories was when we attended the Armageddon Convention a few years back and they showed us a sneak peek at the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Sitting in front of us was this utter fangirl. Every time the Strong Arm Alchemist Armstrong appeared she would giggle uncontrollably and clap her hands in glee. It was only ever Armstrong that did that to her. Kirsty and I had extreme trouble trying to control ourselves.

Anyway it’s good to see there’s going to be a new series.