31 03 2009

I haven’t really talked about my writing for a few weeks and the reason is a bit stupid. I’ve been ashamed with the (lack of) progress I have been making. In some ways writing is a simple activity. You set yourself down somewhere and write. Anyone who has written knows it isn’t that simple, there’s dreaming, planning, plotting, writing, revising, more revising and even more revising. By the end your finished piece probably shares little in common with your original idea.

At the moment I’m trapped in the “even more revising”. In the past few weeks I have rewritten my opening chapter several times. It hasn’t felt right at all. Now I’m a bit worried that I have turned what was an interesting opening before I started tweaking, into something jumbled. Ack. I think I’m getting stumped by the paralysis of closeness. I need to move on to something else and come back to the chapter in a couple of months.




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31 03 2009

Hey, I had noticed you hadn’t mentioned your writing in awhile. Do you want some help? I’d be happy to read your old first chapter and your new one, and give you an outsiders view on whether you really did make a mess of it or not? Sometimes it helps to get a totally fresh perspective on things.

1 04 2009

That’s really kind of you JC. Thank you! I’ll flick you an email shortly 🙂

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