Rain rain go away

14 01 2009

I love cricket. Always have. When I was a wee nipper I played soccer and cricket at school and then as I got older the games I used to play with my mates were invariably cricket and basketball. Even today the holy four sports for me are: rugby, league, basketball and cricket.

There was a point where the results of games mattered more than anything to me. If my team lost then it was disastrous which of course is an awful thing when you follow the NZ cricket team. They have times where they threaten to rise to the top such as nearly winning a series in Australia in 2001 (when Australia were arguably one of the greatest teams of all time) or regularly making the semi finals of the World Cup. I suppose it’s a result of this that has led me to savour a keen contest more than the actual result.

Which makes this season of freaking washouts and no contests so frustrating. We drew the test series with two draws, we drew the Twenty 20 series 1 each (with the first game decided in an eliminator over after the scores were tied at the end) and then the one day series was ruined by the frikkin weather. It feels like every game has been spoiled by the weather in some way. In the only game that wasn’t affected by the weather, the 3rd one dayer in Wellington, the Black Caps obliterated the West Indies so no contest there.

Last night was the worst. I knew I would miss most of the game because I was working till 7. I was still able to follow it on the net. The game looked gripping, a fantastic century by Chris Gayle, the coolest cricketer on the planet, set up the Windies 293/9 which was followed by a rollicking start by the Black Caps who reached 97 after 10 overs. The Black Caps then stumbled and the game got tighter and tighter. I left work thinking I would be in for an exciting finish only to get home and find that the contest was washed out one over after I left. Argh!!!!  

It’s driving me mental. I just want to see a good tight even contest that comes down to a thrilling finish. Is that too much to ask?




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