writing renewed

18 12 2008

Over the past few days I’ve been rewriting the opening chapter of my novel. I’m pretty satisfied with the prologue already (which you can view an earlier draft of here) but the first chapter needed a whole lot of work done to it. It’s going slowly so far.

Part of the problem is that I haven’t done any solid “writing” for a good few months. By “writing” I mean setting myself my 500 word goal every day and working towards it, not editing, and not reviewing. I find that setting my goal and working towards it is something that works best after repetition. I need to do this process for several days and only then will it start to come easily.

The other reason it is going slowly is that I am completely revamping one character and introducing a whole new character. The revamped character has existed in the novel since my first draft but in each subsequent draft they’ve steadily got darker and less likeable. I actually feel quite guilty about what I have done to her. Still it’s necessary for the story. Nice is, well, nice, but it’s boooooooring. Besides the way the character has evolved in this draft is much more realistic and adds layers of drama and tension to the story.

I’m also struggling to capture the voice of the new character. I have an image of her in my mind but I’ve failed so far in my attempts to convey her. I picture her with this short almost dreadlocked hair and an attitude that borders on being almost sensuously cocky but whenever I try to put this down in words it just doesn’t feel right. I’m also trying to do the difficult job of linking her subtly with another character who appears later in the story. In my plans for this latest draft I actually was intending for these two characters to be the same person but it made the story messy and needlessly complicated. Having them be two characters is a more elegant solution. I know the other character really well, she appeared in the last draft and took on an increasingly bigger role as the story progressed but I still need to find the new characters voice. It’ll come to me but right now I’m frustrated.

Saying all that, I am really enjoying the writing process again. There’s something about writing that makes me feel complete. I’m at peace when I’m writing, as if it is something that I am meant to do. Now if only I can convince a publisher that I am meant to write for them πŸ˜‰




One response

18 12 2008

Good on you for getting back into it πŸ™‚
Capturing the voice of a new character can be a difficult thing at times. When I rewrote the novel I am editing now I added a new POV, and while the character had been in the novel the first time around, they hadn’t really been developed fully – I am pretty sure I’m going to have to rewrite all her pov scenes so that they convey the character in a more solid manner.
Keep it up though πŸ™‚ You’ll get there!

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