rejection reality

26 11 2008

A month or so ago Kirsty and I put some pitches in for some television shows at the company where she works. Ks worked with them for years as a writer, script editor and storyliner, so that’s how we got our “in”. They were looking for some low budget shows to screen on C4 or TV2 so we tailored our pitches to meet this. As often happens when you work on ideas we fell in love with them and while we didn’t think they were going to be picked up for development, we kinda hoped and prayed that they would.

We got the news yesterday that none of them got picked up. Not a shock, but still disappointing. I was definitely crossing my fingers that at least one would be seriously considered.

What was a bit surprising was that our strongest idea, Ad-versity, a comedy set amongst a group of ad school graduates who take on the clients that no else will even touch, didn’t even make it past the first paragraph. The people reviewing the pitches had seen too many ad agency proposals (as a result of Mad Men) and were rejecting them immediately. Which sucks, as the pitch was really funny (everyone who read it laughed out loud) and the characters were awesome. I’d actually based it on my experience at ad school so I think that informed the story and ideas. It had nothing to do with Mad Men other than the setting in an ad agency.

But in some ways it’s a positive as it brings home the reality of the situation. We just have to be more aware of what’s currently out there. You might think that following current trends are good, but those who make the decisions don’t necessarily think so. You need to make your ideas truly unique – even a total twist on something won’t necessarily even be read.




2 responses

26 11 2008

Bummer that it didn’t pan out, maybe next time hey?
Good advice on making your ideas unique. Can be hard to judge what will ‘sell’, there is always that fine line of too little or too much of whatever you’re offering around at the time you’re marketing it.

27 11 2008

yeah, good news is they will apparently be looking for some more ideas early next year. i’m actually thinking of adapting the characters from Ad-versity for another setting (they’re just awesome).

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