title? what title? who needs a title to their post?

24 11 2008

Whoah, haven’t blogged in a wee bit. Been busy with work and sorting a few other things out, but I’m back now 😉 (famous last words, right?)

So what have I been up to? Last week I flew down to Christchurch for a work conference which was cool. I’d never been down there before and it kinda felt like entering enemy territory. (for those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, I’m an Aucklander born and bred and Christchurch is our arch nemesis in everything). But Christchurch was cool, very pretty and I found myself wishing K was with me so we could go exploring.

What wasn’t so cool was the flight home and the toddler in the seat behind me who only wanted to smash his hands on the window and kick my seat. That was until he went to the bathroom after stinking out the rear of the plane. I know we’re going to have kids within a couple of years but that almost puts you off them.

I managed to do more work on the novel. I’ve been getting twitchy with it, partly because I’m not “really” writing and also because I just haven’t had the time to spend on it.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve sat down and written something substantial for the novel. I’m still ploughing my way through my revisions and they’re taking a lot longer than I expected. Saying that, I am really enjoying rereading and working on the draft. I’ve got it almost right – I can feel it. I think every second chapter or so is good, or pretty close to something I am really happy with. Most of the work needs to happen at the front end of the novel and that’s what I’ll be looking at when I finally finish.

I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about splitting the book but I’m thinking I’ll wait to see what the reaction to it is first. The story as it stands seems compelling and I’d hate to mess that up unless I absolutely have to.

Then there was the awesome Rugby League World Cup Final in the weekend. For those who haven’t heard (or didn’t hear me screaming with joy at midnight on Saturday) the Kiwis defeated the Kangaroos to win our first ever world cup. I can see why the Aussies are upset – some of the decisions definitely went against them (notably the strip on Benji Marshall) but on the night they just weren’t good enough. In many ways it was like what happened to the All Blacks in the World Cup last year against the French but no one felt sorry for us then.




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