another year older

11 11 2008

I turned a third century old on Saturday. Yep, I’m now 33. We seemed to spend all Saturday eating. For brunch we met my mum and sister at Bees Online, a fantastic café just out of Kumeu. They’re a working beehive and the brunch solved the added bonus of getting me some more honey – mmm honey. There was one small glitch – Bees Online have changed slightly, and gone a bit more mainstream. In the past they had the most weird and wonderful menu but now there were things like egg’s benedict and caesar salad. Also they’ve changed the design of their counter area and the shop and the new one is sterile and dull. Still I did have a really nice meal – scallop salad with a side of their always delicious crushed potatoes … mmm my mouth waters just remembering it.

For lunch we went to Kirsty’s parents place. It was Ks father’s birthday as well (yeah, I have the same birthday as my father-in-law) and since Ks mum is really sick we had lunch over there. For some reason Doug’s father favourite is a steak pie, baked beans and some hot oven chips. So that’s what we had. It was nothing if not filling.

By the time we got home it was 4.30 and time to rest up before the restaurant booking that K had made. We have a tradition on my birthday of K taking me to mystery places. In the early years, part of the tradition was getting lost on the way and that was cool. Sadly K got me there without any detours through the seedier parts of Auckland. And where was there? The awesome beyond awesome Jervois Road Steakhouse. It was truly one of the best meals I have ever had. K had preordered me a prime rib (you can only have it if you order ahead of time) and it was amazing. The steak just melted in my mouth. Yum yum yum.

You know how I mentioned she didn’t take me through the seedier part of town, well I didn’t realise it but it looks like Jervois Road is pretty seedy these days. As we were coming out we heard a guy smash in the window of a BMW. As he tried to steal a camera in the car I ran to the local service station and told the staff. Then the owner turned up and chased the thief down a dark street. All very dramatic, especially as we had to support his upset girlfriend until the police arrived. He managed to catch up to him eventually but not until the police had arrived. It made for a cool dramatic end to the day.   

So yeah, I’m a year older. Yay me?




One response

17 11 2008
edwin mcrae

Happy Birthday, man. Being 33 ain’t so bad…really.

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