normal transmission resumed…

29 10 2008

It was weird not posting yesterday. It was of course the first after I completed my mammoth NBA season preview. I meant to do other posts last week but I came down with an icky throat infection over the previous weekend and I ended up taking most of the week off sick. I don’t think I’ve been this sick this often since I caught campylobacter a few years back. As a result of that nasty little bug I was sick for at least 1 week of every month for almost 9 months until work gave me 2 weeks paid leave to come right. It worked and I was fine, until this year.

And of course being ill meant no writing 😦 I had been making good progress on the revisions to the novel to that point so it kinda sucked that I got sick. Anyway, enough moping. I’m back into the revisions and I’m ploughing my way through the meat of the novel. It’s got good shape and there is a truly epic feel to the narrative which is good. One of the plotlines that I was iffy about is better than I remembered as well which is a pleasant surprise. I just need to fix up those opening chapters.

Technically I DID do some writing while I was sick. I worked with K on some television pitches so we’ve got fingers crossed that at least one of them gets some development money. Of course there are probably another 50 proposals in the pile the producers have to wade through so the odds are … what did Han say? “Never tell me the odds!” I feel like that. Toes are crossed anyway.

Anyway in the next few days I’ll be posting a review of NBA Live 09 and of course there will be more NBA posts. Today’s tipoff (Celtics won their first game!) and tomorrow I will get to see my first game of the year with the San Antonio Spurs versus the Phoenix Suns. Can’t wait!




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