16 10 2008

Sorry for the lack of regular posts lately outside of the epic NBA Season Previews that I’m posting. Once I get those out of the way I’ll be back talking about games, writing, comics yadda yadda yadda. Once I finish all the previews it’ll end up being 20k words long or so. o_O That’s a lot more than I was expecting when I started doing them.

The other reason for the lack of posts has been work. The Make a Manga competition I ran this year closed on Monday and I’ve been busy judging and organising for the prize giving. Both Stu and I were astounded with the quality of the entries. We only had one bung entry (someone drew four bad pinups of Inu Yasha – hardly a comic or manga) but at least a dozen excellent ones. I’ll post a link to the winning ones when they’re up on our website. There were actually a lot that came close to winning but were just missing one or two elements. There was one that came within a sliver of winning only he didn’t quite finish it off and instead had a “to be continued” notice. It was a real pity as the teen has talent and I can honestly see him making a career out of comics.

Anyway only another 12 or so Season Previews to do! I’m on the final stretch!




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