10 10 2008

As I blogged yesterday I was all set to enjoy playing NBA Live 09 today. Usually the courier from the company i buy from drops things off around 7.30 so I was looking forward to playing it when I got up. Only there was no package. Weird. I go online and find out that all the NZ retailers have it listed as being out of stock. There’s stock of the psp, Wii, ps2, ps3 versions but no 360 stock anywhere. I flick an email to the company I use and they answer:

Unfortunately the NZ supplier has just informed us that the release date for NBA Live 09 ~ Xbox 360 has now changed to the 17th October 2008.

wtf guys? Come on EA, you’ve done this in the past with previous versions and now you’ve done it again! It’s not like there’s not a competitor I can turn to. I already was disappointed with your product last year and now this? Jeez guys. I KNOW Australian stores got the game – did they not order enough for NZ?

You guys kinda ruined my day and weekend here!

It better be good.




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