making time for reading

7 10 2008

I started reading Hal Duncan’s Vellum a few months back. I’d heard that it was a good, if difficult read but hey if you’ve read James Joyce then you can read anything. I’d actually carried Vellum around Europe with me when we travelled for 10 weeks last year. I made my way through all the Steven Erikson novels (he of the 900 page epics) but didn’t quite get to Vellum.

I finally gave up reading Vellum last night. I’m about half way through but it would take me the rest of the year to finish it. I was enjoying it in the way that I enjoyed reading the classic literature I had to read at University, but it was hardly an ideal before bed time read. It strikes me more as an on-holiday-get-my-teeth-into-it read.

It made me think about my reading habits. When I used to take the train into work (when I worked at the University) I was devouring a novel every week or so. That was on top of magazines and comics as well. But now I find that I only have time to read novels in the fifteen minutes before I turn the light out. I read magazines or comics as my casual reading when I am at work – on my lunch break for instance, but since I don’t have the long train commute I miss that extra reading time.

It actually makes me a bit sad. I think it’s important to read, whether that’s novels or nonfiction. I’m going to try and make time for it.




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