domestic bliss?

29 09 2008

Kirsty and I had a big weekend around the home. We spent Sunday scrubbing down the walls of our bedroom with Exit Mould. We’re going to paint the room later this year but since we’ve both been ill a fair bit lately we decided to clean it up now. Now if you’ve ever used Exit Mould you’ll know it’s some pretty noxious stuff. It seems to destroy your ability to taste and smell for a few days afterwards. I use it every so often on our shower box so I’m used to it … or so I thought.

It cleaned up the walls alright BUT we miscalculated the lingering effect of the Exit Mould. The room stinks like a gas chamber. Both K and I have headaches today, even after airing the room all afternoon. We might have to shift our bed elsewhere in the house.

Oh yeah, you might also have noticed I’ve started posting some NBA season previews. I’m going to try and do a preview for every team in the NBA, starting with the Atlantic Division then the Northwest Division then the Central Division and so on. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years so here’s my shot at it.

It gives me something to focus on after the evisceration that happened on Saturday night. Other than their goal kicking the Manly Sea Eagles played the perfect game of rugby league to destroy us 32 – 6. The New Zealand Warriors just weren’t allowed to play ball and suffered the consequences. Despite the final disappointing result the season was a success. To make it to the penultimate weekend is an achievement and if the new buys for next season (Denan Kemp and Joel Moon) continue to develop we have a good shot at making the Grand Final next year.




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29 09 2008

arg the evil exit mold… when we blitzed our last flat just after we moved out the cleaning products made my normally wavy hair straight, for days. I’d definitely move your bed out for the night! lol

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