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26 09 2008

Kinda bummed today. My car developed a cracked windscreen last week and at first we thought it was due to some dickhead walking along and hitting it with something. I was parked at Glen Eden Library and it’s a notoriously rough area – the carpark often has cars broken into and Glen Eden has come to be known as “Grim Eden”. Anyway I saw my car and I thought, great I’ve been targeted.

I called the insurance company and luckily my windscreen was covered under my policy. Of course then I had to wait over a week and a half until the repairman finally made it out to look at it (seriously they put me off twice, once due to “computer error” and the other due to a bus needing repair).

So the guy made it out today and took a look. He immediately reckoned that it wasn’t impact damage, ie someone hitting it, but rather rust pushing on the windscreen. Unfortunately he couldn’t be sure that that was the case until he took it out and then if it was rust he wouldn’t be able to put it back in.  The windscreen needed repair so I got him to take it out. Unfortunately it WAS rust that caused the damage and I then had to drive across the city (I was at work in Massey) to a local panel beater so I could get it repaired and then walk home.

The job’s going to cost $350 odd and coupled with the $400 or so we had to pay earlier this week to get a new water pump for the house (the old one had rusted and was leaking water into the ground) the chances of getting the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit we wanted have disappeared. 😦 The whole thing sucks.



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30 09 2008

oh, i feel your pain. for me, it seems like whenever i’ve got fun money to spend on some new toy, something goes wrong or some bill i’d forgotten about like car insurance pops up. i’ve been looking for a wii fit around here since they came out, and since i am unwilling to wake up at the crack of dawn to wait in line to hopefully get one in four the stores get every few weeks, i’ll probably be waiting awhile. wii’s still aren’t available either; had to buy mine on ebay. grr.

as far as basketball is concerned (i will comment on everything here because i am lazy) the only team i care about is my pistons. and i really only care about them when they’re in the finals. i’m a shoddy fan. right now i’m all about the football… i don’t think you’re into nfl but surely you can feel my devastation across the ocean over tom brady. 😦 at least i still have my college team (go msu spartans!).

anyway, i hope your car gets fixed quickly and your bedroom becomes livable again. also — my car is in the shop as i type this. must be catching.

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