Just say “No!” to Starbury

24 09 2008

It seems that the basketballer formerly known as “Starbury” is about to be waived by the New York Knicks. My first thought was cool, now the Celtics or T Wolves can sign him. My second thought was, please don’t sign him.

Throughout his career Stephen Marbury has teased us with his potential greatness. He has the talent and body to be a Hall of Famer, as reflected in his max contracts over the years, yet he seemingly has the maturity of a 4 year old. He was involved in that sleazy Isiah Thomas sexual harassment law suit and even his cousin has written a book about his selfishness.

I remember being gutted when he quit on KG all those years ago in Minnesota. It felt to me like he was tossing away the chance to be the next Stockton-to-Malone. The Timberwolves compensated for the loss of Marbury by obtaining Terrell Brandon but while he was an All Star he wasn’t Starbury.

Marbury seems to have a caustic personality that infests the whole team. He’s been a cancer everywhere he’s been, never more illustrated than when he left Phoenix and they immediately made the playoffs. Hell, the Knicks are prepared to pay him over $20 million to not show up! Now if the Knicks are worried about his personality screwing up their chemistry then you know Marbury is trouble.

I have no doubt that Starbury’s going to end up somewhere. I just hope it isn’t with my teams.




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24 09 2008
Travis Outlaw

He’s back

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