17 09 2008

Way back in the day I used to ride my bike over to my mate Todd’s house to play computer games on their Commodore 64 and later Amiga. We had awesome fun even if you sometimes had to wait an age for anything to load. One of our favourite games was Speedball 2.

For those who don’t know or can’t remember, Speedball 2 was a game about a future sport called (funnily enough) Speedball. Speedball is a cross between football and wrestling with the object of the game to score as many points as possible in the opponent’s goal while you beat the crap out of each other. Needless to say we loved it. The game was brutal (the team you play with is Brutal Deluxe), fast paced (each half is only 90 seconds) and highly addictive as you tried to literally improve your team enough to advance to the next division and then ultimately win the title.

I’ve missed this game. It’s near the top of my personal favourite games of all time alongside GTA: San Andreas, NBA Live, Mario Kart 64 and the original Command and Conquer. So when I found out it was available on Xbox Live I had to have it.

The game is remarkably similar to how I remember it. We still view everything from the top down and the players still do the “Johnston jiggle” (my term) when you score a goal. They’ve expanded the divisions to 4 so the gameplay is prolonged but there is still the same visceral pleasure as you injure an opponent enough that they get the med robots to carry them off. In other words it’s still awesome!

Speedball 2 is a triumphant slab of nostalgia. It’s a button mashing masterpiece and the only downside is that your thumbs will hurt after you play it for hours on end.




2 responses

19 09 2008
edwin mcrae

God yes, loved that game! Is the new version on the XBox any good?

19 09 2008

Just the same dude! and TOTALLY addictive

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