NBA Live 09 demo

15 09 2008

I downloaded the demo of NBA Live 09 through Xbox Live over the weekend. The demo is short – a brief time in what will be the NBA Academy part of the game and two 2 minute quarters of a game between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. It’s just enough to get you interested which I guess is the point of the demo.

So how did I find it? Well the gameplay seems to be improved over last years but I had trouble accessing many of the features. I only managed to get the new lock on defence working once while I struggled to get the direct pass feature working. Of course a chunk of my confusion might come from my unfamiliarity with the Xbox controller over the ps2 one. I usually sit there with the manual beside me for the first few games so I imagine that problem will be solved when the main version comes out.

Also I don’t know if it’s because I only have a 21 inch screen but it was hard at times to tell who players were. It looks beautiful though. I almost tempted to blow our savings plan to buy a 42 inch HD screen just to experience it.

I did have a great time though. I sat there cackling like a maniac, especially when I played as KG and Kobe and I was swooping in for dunks. The key for me will be how the Dynasty feature works. That’s what really holds my attention and last year it was bung. If they’ve fixed that it should be a cracker.

I realised while playing the demo how much I have missed NBA Live so I’m looking forward to October 10 when it gets released down here.




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