(re)learning control

12 09 2008

I haven’t really spoken about my writing here for a while. I’m still getting up every day at 5.30 to write but I’m not really making any progress. I’ve been nudging around a short story, written about 13 pages of it (I have a sneaking suspicion it has the potential to develop into a novel of its own) but I’ve revised it completely already as it wasn’t working for me. Its better now but my initial enthusiasm has waned.

In some ways I feel like I’m in a limbo-like state.

I’ve been waiting for someone to read my novel and give me some feedback. This person hasn’t yet and probably won’t for a little while and I guess I’ve been using them as an excuse for not working on the novel. I don’t blame the person who hasn’t read my novel, they have reasons beyond excellent for not having done it. I just need to discipline myself to doing it.

When I was writing in my flow I had self imposed targets that I needed to reach every day and every week. I had my goal and I reached it. I think I need to set myself the same goals for the revision of my novel.

To paraphrase a little green guy with pointy ears, “Rob you must learn control!”




One response

12 09 2008

I’ve found that goals are vital – no matter what part of the writing process you’re moving through at the time. Hope you can come up with some to get you moving again 🙂

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