My obsession

2 09 2008

Every year round about now, maybe a bit earlier, my obsession starts to kick in. I start to prowl around looking for the latest updates on IGN, I walk into every games shop I pass with the bizarrely optimistic notion that it might have shipped early and I can get a month or so before the release date. The source of my obsession: NBA Live.

I’ve played it since 1996 so I’m an old skool gamer. In those days it was a struggle to see the NBA down here. We didn’t have Sky and they’d stopped showing games on free to air. If I was lucky Kirsty’s family would tape me the occasional game but that was infrequent and we’d often miss the end of games. I used to get this weekly newsprint mag with all the boxscores and games in it but it was an Aussie mag and half of it was devoted to their league. So NBA Live was how I grew to know and love the NBA.

I bought every version that came out, at first for the pc, then the playstation then the ps2. My favourite players were Kevin Garnett and Tim Hardaway. I went through the puzzling years where the Bulls were champions but they had no Jordan and instead had R. Player (roster player). When they brought out the Dynasty mode I loved it. I’ve probably spent more time playing NBA Live than I have doing almost anything else in my life.

Even when I was over in Europe last year travelling I still missed my NBA Live. When we had a stopover in Thailand I managed to pick up a bootleg version of it. Not surprisingly it didn’t work; still I had the “real” version to look forward to.

And then I played it. The PS2 version sucked. I don’t know if it was just my copy but when the best rookie in the league turns out to be Josh McRoberts you know something is broke. The Dynasty mode was awful – things just didn’t work. And the gameplay wasn’t great. The love affair was broken.

I ended up buying NBA 2K8 and that was okay. I enjoyed it but it didn’t capture me like NBA Live did. It had its bugs as well.

But as the release of the 09 versions has drawn near I’ve almost convinced myself that the problems are because I had an old console. This year I have a 360 and I’m looking forward to the new releases. I’m going to buy NBA Live 09 and I’m going to rekindle that love. My loyalty over the years means I owe it that. It can’t get worse? Can it?




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17 09 2008
finally a NBA 2K9 preview! « Future Ramblings

[…] going to get NBA Live 09 (I’m too invested in it now to not get it – check out my reasons here) but it’s good to know there’s a back up if Live sucks like it did last […]

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