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1 09 2008

I had to smile when I saw this news. Sean Marks, the first kiwi to play in the NBA, has been signed by the New Orleans Hornets. While at best he has only been an average NBA player (most would say mediocre) he is arguably NZs greatest basketballer. That’s by virtue of making the NBA. There have been other standouts of course – Pero Cameron is my personal favourite and during the 2002 World Championships where we finished 4th (yes 4th!) he was voted one of the players of the tournament. Of the current NZ players Kirk Penney is probably the best and worthy of a roster slot in the NBA. But Marks stands above all the others.

He’s had the privilege of playing on some great teams, including winning a title in 2005 with the Spurs. The last couple of years he’s played for the Suns. And now he’s going to play with the Hornets. Some might say with career stats of 3.1ppg and 2 rpg a game that he doesn’t deserve to be there. But I read an interview with him once where he talked about how his role with teams is as a big body to bang with in practise. He might not play much but he’s now a 9 year vet and that’s a pretty good milestone.



2 responses

2 09 2008
Travis Outlaw

Sean Marks has got to be the worst player in the NBA. And I think the worst player in the NBA history stats wise.

2 09 2008

Yet he keeps on getting contracts – does he have compromising photos of gms?

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