Ashes to Ashes … nah

28 08 2008

I can’t bring myself to watch Ashes to Ashes. It’s sitting there on our MySky (kiwi version of tivo), about four episodes worth, but I can’t bring myself to suggest watching it to Kirsty. Oddly she hasn’t suggested it once either. Instead we’ve watched Dexter, Chuck, Torchwood, Madmen, Mighty Boosh, Daily Show, hell we even watched Bear’s Mission Everest last night (that’s hardly a surprise, I adore Bear Grylls – K reckons I have a man crush on him). But not Ashes to Ashes.

We loved season 1 of Life on Mars. It was awesome. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting and a compelling story. TVNZ in their wisdom didn’t show series 2 for what felt like a decade and K and I almost became rabid waiting for it. Then it screened and it was … ho hum. It wasn’t so compelling and Sam Tyler was just a dick. There were great moments and a couple of good episodes but it just felt like an average meal that you’ve bought in a restaurant. You’ve paid for it so you feel compelled to eat it.

Ashes to Ashes sounds okay, and Gene Hunt makes it ALMOST worthwhile watching just to see how he copes with the 80s. BUT, I lived through the 80s and they were just, well, naff. I guess that’s the point but I want something more. I guess I’ve lost confidence in the creators.




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