some bummer comics news

27 08 2008

I got kinda bummed out by two pieces of comics related news today.

It looks like HBO have decided not to make a Preacher series. Apparently it’s too violent, too dark and too controversial. Makes you wonder if they bothered reading the original comics. They just had to look at the character list and see one Mr Arseface listed. Preacher was one of my must reads when it was originally published so I was quite excited that they were doing a series. It even featured in my Should Be Shows list.

And James Jean is leaving Fables. Noooooooooo… I’m a huge fan of James Jean, the header at the top of this page is from a piece of James Jean art and his art has set the visual tone of Fables. It won’t be the same without his brilliance. Anyway here are a few of my favourite James Jean covers.




2 responses

28 08 2008

I’m conflicted about James Jean leaving Fables. It’s really too bad, but I support him doing his own thing.

As for Preacher, I’m glad HBO isn’t going to do it. Even if it’s on a cable channel, I don’t want a sanitized version of Preacher.

28 08 2008

Yeah but it feels like we’re losing a family member. I just wish I could afford to buy some of his art…

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