whatever happened to Bonzi Wells?

25 08 2008

Why has no one signed Bonzi Wells? I’m asssuming he still is a free agent – that’s what his Wikipedia profile says anyway.

The Celtics could use him. His numbers are still solid and from what I saw of him last year he can still play in spurts. I know he crapped out a little in the playoffs but he has the potential to be a game changer off the bench. The Celtics just signed Darius Miles but it wouldn’t harm to have another backup in case Miles goes down again.

However the fact that Bonzi hasn’t been signed by anyone is a warning sign. He has a history of being a malcontent and that’s probably why the Hornets haven’t resigned him. But I think the Celtics are probably one of the best fits for him.  They should offer him a contract, maybe the legitimate chance to win a title will settle him down. KG would keep him in line, either that or kill him.



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25 08 2008
Travis Outlaw

Bonzi Wells sucks. The Hornets signed Devin Brown instead of him. Bonzi Wells was a top free agent two years ago. But he sucks and never did anything for Houston. And since the Celtics signed Darius Miles you can forgot about Bonzi Wells. Bonzi Wells should be out of the NBA. Bonzi Wells will be out of the NBA. And the Celtics should have really signed Devin Brown. But I love the Darius Miles signing. And if Bill Walker becomes good then the Celtics won’t miss James Posey at all.

24 09 2008

I’ve watched Bonzi wells play since he was 14 years old. He is the only player in NCAA history to have 2400 points 800 rebounds 350 assists and 300 steals. Last year he had 6 steals in one quater against the Celtics and the scorred 20 in a quarter against hiw old team the Rockets. He has lost a little bit but I would love to see him in Boston

25 09 2008
Travis Outlaw

If Bonzi Wells is so good like you said then why hasn’t any team signed him yet?

28 11 2008
Dodge City's Finest

Bonzi would have been the best. The media loved him. The fans did as well. But he chose to crap on them all just as he did his on friends and even his family. He has the worst attitude of anyone i have ever seen with the potential to succeed. I witness him yell in public that he hates kids and he wish they would get away from him at the park in front of at least 30 people. This is in his own home town where the kids loved what he was but didnt know who and how ignorant he is. He loves coming home because its the only place he can get easy sex with women that aren’t even worth having. He a compulsive gambler who wants to spend and act like a wealthy NBA star but doesnt realize that he forgot to sign his big contract so it was given to someone who respected the 40 million dollars more than he did. so he got stuck with 10 percent of it and a ticket home. Karma is on his ass now and all the bad things he did to those that respected and wanted the best for him will soon see the falling of another Muncie In talent that wouldnt listen to anyone but himself. I feel for his family because most of them are really loving people. The Scaife’s that is. Wont be long before ESPN will air a special about Bonzi catching a dope case. I guess im a hater for telling it like it is but(Thats what his followers like to call the people that speak on his poor decision making)…sometimes the truth hurts. He has followed every one of my predictions thus far. He is so shallow and slow minded that he doesnt even listen to his own family. Good riddens. Good luck.

29 11 2008
Travis Outlaw

Seems like you know Bonzi Wells very personally. Are you an ex-girlfriend or something?

31 01 2009

I think people make mistakes. I know that one day Bonzi will look back on the opportunities he has been given and think of all the things he has done to those who look up to him. When he was in High School, and even in college people always respected his game but did not like his attitude. The stardome has always been with him and not haveing it starting in Portland troubled him. But he will learn from this and become a better man.

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