Miles on the clock?

24 08 2008

I like the signing of Darius Miles for the Celtics. I’ve been fretting ever since Posey left that they were short handed at the swingman slot. It seemed that every quality small forward was signing with other teams and while it was obvious that the Celtics would be able to cope (they remain a bloody good chance to repeat after all), they were short handed at the 3. If Pierce went down who would cover there? The signing of Miles changes that. He’s the poor man’s Posey but with more length.

The real question is how will he come back from his “medical retirement”? Will he have the same athleticism that he had before he got injured? He also has a 10 game suspension to sit out at the beginning of the season. Still he’s worth the risk. If he can recapture even half of the production he had for the Trailblazers in his last year there (14ppg) then that’ll help the Celts.

Plus he’s going to the team with the player who he has been compared to most – KG. While he’s nowhere near KG in terms of talent, skill or drive, it’ll undoubtedly help him playing beside the Hall of Famer.

So I like the addition. Now we just need to add another back up point (one who can handle the ball and shoot competently) and another veteran back up big to replace PJ Brown (assuming he definitely is retiring).




One response

25 08 2008
Travis Outlaw

D-MILES is going to go back and be better than ever.

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