the wedding

18 08 2008

Well we survived the wedding. It was a hell of a day though. The ceremony was very traditional and conducted by a doddering old woman who hardly could change the pages of her notes. There’s footage of me and Nigel (the groom) exchanging wide eyed glances at one point. It was weird in a way. Neither Fiona or Nigel are Christian yet they had their wedding in a Presbyterian church.

After the ceremony we went and got photos at the top of One Tree Hill (no not the series the mountain). Which was cool and all EXCEPT for it being the middle of winter and the wind blowing a gale. Both Kirsty and Fiona almost froze to death but the photos are going to turn out amazing. Then we had to change limos as our old fashioned Daimler almost broke down. It backfired its way down the mountain past tourists. We had a few final photos at the museum before heading to the reception.

By this time I was feeling quite grotty as my flu had crept up again but I soldiered on and managed to deliver my speech. It got some laughs and seemed to go down well but as happened at my wedding, Doug, Fiona and Kirsty’s dad, stole the show with his brilliant dissection of Nigel which had everyone thumping the tables. I think Doug should have been a standup comedian.

I got my second wind during the dances and I ended up dancing for about 3 hours until K brought me home where I crashed for hours.

When I woke up I found NZ had kicked arse in the Olympics, the Warriors had won the league and the All Blacks had thumped the Boks. Awesome.




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