oiling the gears

6 08 2008

It’s amazing what a couple of weeks of not “properly” writing will do to atrophy some of your skills. Since finishing the third draft of my novel a few weeks back I have been working on laying down the structure for the remaining books. It’s gone well – I have a much better sense of where the story is going as a whole and when I start the fourth draft soon I’m going to be able to incorporate some nice foreshadowing and hints where the story is going. However it hasn’t been “real” writing. It’s been more in the shape of lots of notes and thinking of story arcs and directions – not the nitty gritty of dialogue and description.

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve come up with a story set in the same world. It turns out it’s a prequel of sorts and features a period in the early life of one of the main characters. When I originally came up with it

However the past couple of days I’ve discovered that the skills and effortless ease with which I have been able to write in the past have seized up. My mate Edwin talks about himself as a Fiction Engine and I guess that’s what it’s like. My engine has seized and I need to oil it. That comes with writing. The writing flowed a bit better today. And tomorrow it’ll go better again. It all comes down to writing every day!




One response

8 08 2008
edwin mcrae

Yup – writing is just like jogging. Unless you do it regularly, it’s slow and painful, until you build up some fitness. For all that, even though I write 15-16 pages every week for Shorty Street, my first 5 scenes always take twice as long as my last 5 scenes. You get into the zone after a while I guess, and let the words flow.

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