rockets getting crazy

31 07 2008

It looks like the Rockets have gone down the crazy route.

I can’t say I blame them. Artest immediately solidifies their already solid defence and while the Rockets gave up Bobby Jackson, one of my favourite players to get him, the trade makes them better. It also gets the crazy out of the King’s. When Artest he is on is one of the best defensive players in the NBA, plus he scares other plays. He’s like the Tyson of the NBA. And like Tyson you wouldn’t be shocked if he bit someone’s ear off if he was diving for the loose ball.

Artest  remains one of the few players that my wife remembers. A few years back we were on holiday and I happened to be watching Pistons/Pacers when the Palace Brawl broke out. Artest was insane but mesmerizing in this tornado is going to mess me up kind of way. Of course that brawl destroyed the contending Pacers.

But you know what, as a Celtics fan I don’t want the Rockets coming out of the West. There’s no way I want a piece of Ron Artest. He’d get inside Garnett’s head even if the two of them came out swinging. The west just got wilder.




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