Ouch part 2

27 07 2008

Well that hurt. More so than the Springboks loss a couple weeks back. That was against the World Champions and we were right in the game until the final whistle. Last night’s game started badly with Brad Thorn’s sinbinning and the subsequent 10 points the Wallabies scored then got worse the longer it went on. We had a brief period on top in the second half but it always felt fleeting as if it was only moments before the Aussies would take the lead again. And they did.

We played dumb dumb rugby, especially in that second half. Some people might point to the penalty try that should have been as the defining moment of the game but to be honest we didn’t deserve to win that game. We were so inept it was embarrassing. There are some who shouldn’t be playing next week – Sione Lauaki at the front of the list. He seemingly did one awesome thing only to be followed with three awful things.

We weren’t helped by the loss of both our half backs.  When Ellis came back on after his rib injury we suddenly couldn’t clear the ball and that ultimately cost us in our attempts to come back. Cowan showed his worth in stopping an aussie try but at the same time he got injured. God knows what we’re going to do next week, Taniela Moa anyone?

The All Blacks were outcoached. Robbie Deans showed he should be the one in charge. The Wallabies played like the Crusaders while the All Blacks played like the painfully flaky Blues teams of past years. The selection of Daniel Braid was a mistake, he was off the pace (as you’d expect for someone who’d been injured for a while) but replacing him with Lauaki was even more inexcusable.

Even in such a terrible performance there were some stars – namely Dan Carter. It was a privilege watching Carter and Giteau going at each other last night. Two awesome athletes at the top of their skills. Another star was Muliaina though he wasn’t immune to some flaky moments.

I honestly don’t know how we can recover for next week. Maybe if McCaw comes back but will he be able to compete for the 80 minutes after his injury layoff? I have this sinking feeling that we’re about to experience an awful run of losses like 1998 where we lost 5 in a row. I hope to the depths of my black beating heart that i’m wrong but so far 2008 feels like 1998. This is not good.




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2 08 2008
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