writing dilemma

23 07 2008

As I blogged a few days back I’ve finished the third draft of my novel. Now it still needs a good polish: there are characters that have changed in the writing of the draft while I know I have some inconsistencies in technology (half way through I thought I’d try and write a few scenes with the characters having access to flintlock tech), but for the most part the story bones are there.

So for the past few days I have been laying down where the story is going in the next two books. I’ve always known where the story is heading, I personally don’t believe you can write anything good without having some sense of the story’s direction and/or ending – at least I never have, but I’ve never codified it like I’m doing. I’m loving it. It’s got me hankering to start writing book 2 which is a good sign. Book 2 will be dramatic and exciting, full of moments of tragedy and betrayal. Plus I get to use characters that got culled from the very first version of the story. I haven’t started laying down Book 3 yet but I know how it ends.

Only problem is, I want to write something else. A few months ago Kirsty and I plotted out a story and I really want to write that mainly because the topic has always interested me. It’s more than likely going to be a young adult book and much shorter than my novel. So I’m stuck between starting book 2 or this other book. Maybe I should just write them both 🙂



2 responses

23 07 2008

do both..
hell what am I saying? I’m freaking out about beginning my first edit!
Fiction is SO very different to non fiction…

25 07 2008
edwin mcrae

Nothing wrong with taking a break from the big opus and focusing on something else for a while. Then you can return to book 2 having composted things in your subconcious.

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