19 07 2008

The other day at work a woman asked me if I was an entertainer. I looked at her from the corner of my eye wondering what the punch line was but she was serious. I answered no and she replied that she had seen me with a bunch of kids and thought that’s what my job was. Then she explained that she was a clown so I guess I was supposed to feel flattered. I actually felt a bit odd – I didn’t know this woman and the fact that she was watching me was a tad creepy.

But it got me thinking as well, entertainer I guess is a good name for what I do. In my job as a children and teen librarian I have to do storytimes and inspire kids and teens to read. A big part of that is of course performance, if I’m not enthusiastic how can I expect the kids to be? But in my “other” job – what I consider my true work I’m an entertainer as well. I write stuff that would entertain me and, I hope, others. So yeah, entertainer … it works for me.



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