Picking our Posey

18 07 2008

So the Celtics glue guy James Posey is going to play for the Hornets? I’m sad to see him go but as lots of people are pointing out, the Hornets paid too much. It’s not like Posey’s going to get appreciably better and to be honest until the Finals I honestly thought he was a shadow of what he’d been previously. I think not matching Posey was the right thing to do. Look at what happened to the Heat. They built their team for that championship but then they fell apart, partly due to the age and massive contracts of the lesser guys. But I do like the Hornets and they are suddenly getting a bit deeper and a whole lot tougher.

The main issue is who’s going to replace Posey. I was kinda bummed that Corey Maggette took the money and went to the Warriors. Can you imagine the Celtics with Maggette off the bench? You could almost plan the victory parade now! The Celts need to target a swingman who can defend some and knock down the open three (don’t all teams need that?). I don’t think Tony Allen is going to supply everything Posey did, defence yes but his shooting is shaky at best and I don’t think he has the  swagger that Posey possessed. Maybe they should go for Matt Barnes or Quinton Ross – those guys impressed me the times I saw them play. Barnes would definitely up the tat count on the team anyway!

But you know what, the Celts are still the champs and they play a good brand of team basketball. If they get the expected improvement from Rondo, a healthy Perkins, a resigned House and a few other roleplayers (champion teams always get these) then I’m confident they’ll be able to repeat.

Now if only the Timberwolves can improve dramatically I’ll be giddy 🙂




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18 07 2008
Ethan Edwards

I think the Celtics should try to sign Devin Brown for some reason nobody is talking about him. Remember Brown was really good when he was with the Spurs. And I like Francisco Elson he was really good when the Spurs won their championship last year. Why not try signing Michael Finley and Robert Horry? This is will make the Celtics old looking but very experienced. Plus Horry can hit big shots.

18 07 2008

Can’t say I disagree.

Like we said in our article on our article, a 31 year old being signed to a hefty four year deal is risky. Particularly considering that he tends to not have the same impact in the regular season, and particularly considering that he’s a seven ppg guy shooting thirty five percent for threes for his whole career.

He’s a solid player, but he’s not the game changer folks are making him out to be.

18 07 2008

I like Devin Brown but he doesn’t really match up like Posey did. Posey had the size to guard the Kobe’s and Carmelo’s of the league. Brown would be an upgrade on Cassell though. Finley I could see off the bench but Horry’s done, which is sad because I loved him with Hakeem when I was first getting into the NBA. I see Horry a lot like Cassell was for the Celtics, great once but not so much now.Anyway it almost seems that Posey has taken on a lot of Horry’s characteristics, winning championships, hitting big shots etc. I just don’t think he’s worth $25 mill.

19 07 2008

I agree with most of what you said. Posey is a big loss for Boston. He proved to be important throughout the Finals.

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