Eden Review

17 07 2008
Eden Volume 1

Eden Volume 1

Eden is a manga which for me is fast approaching Akira like levels of adoration. I just finished reading Volume 10 and once again it blew my mind. I’m going to happily add it to my list of Should Be Shows. Unlike say Gantz, another Dark Horse manga, which severely disappointed with its first issue (I’m supposed to think it’s a classic “must read” when it features a naked teenager for most of the first issue? I can see how some might be titillated by that but for me it was just crass and totally offputting) Eden is that rare beast that lives up to all the hype.

In some ways it feels a lot like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – it has that same maturity and shares a thematic concern with the impact of technology. Oddly for me Eden feels closer to Ghost in the Shell the tv series, than Ghost in the Shell the manga. (And yes I have read the Masamune Shirow manga). That’s a good thing by the way 🙂

Eden operates as both a sophisticated science fiction series in the mould of the new (well not so much now) Battlestar Galatica series and also a sometimes cutting critique on the powerplay of nations and the dispossession of indigenous people.

It’s also kick arse on so many different levels. The violence and action is uncompromising and while at times it is extremely graphic it is never gratuitous. The art is brilliant in the way that Akira’s is – it’s almost like Hiroki Endo studied Akira and mirrored it at times. The central idea of the closure virus and its terrible effect on mankind is genius and provides a truly terrifying setting and world.

While the first volume is a bit on the slow side and can be confusing at times (but then that just adds to the experience IMHO) I definitely recommend this manga. 9/10

(and I know the last book I reviewed I also gave 9/10 too – they’re just both that bloody good!)




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