to blog, aka not writing?

13 07 2008

One of the reasons I started blogging again was to keep me focussed on writing. To some it might seem anathema, Robin Hobb (who I adore) had this famous rant a while back on writers blogging, but to me it has always seemed to keep me centred on doing what I love doing. I can understand where Robin’s coming from in that anything that keeps you from writing is a bad thing, but for me I never blog when I should be writing. I have set times when I write and there are other times when I blog. Every morning I get up at 5:30am so I can write for at least an hour before work. On the other hand I blog when I get home from work or I blog from work. Different times folks, if I was a fulltime writer and I was blogging instead of writing then that would be a bad thing, but I don’t, they’re separate times and involve a separate mindset. When I get home from work I need my “cave time” (as Kirsty refers to it) and this usually involves playing the ps2 or xbox 360. Blogging is now part of cave time as well.  

(BTW sometimes it seems my whole life is governed by rituals and that’s worthy of a whole blog entry in itself.)

So how’s it been going? Well in the past two weeks I have finished three chapters. Admittedly they have been short, punchy chapters but that’s still rapid progress. I have one more major chapter, a short reaction chapter then the epilogue and this draft is completed. Kirsty says we are going to crack open a bottle of champagne when that happens and while I think we should hold off until I manage to sell the novel to a publisher she disagrees. She says what i’ve done is an achievement in itself and that’s worth celebrating. You know what, i agree. I’m writing the novel for myself because without it my life would have this gaping hole. And completing this draft is worth celebrating. Yay me.




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