the Should Be Shows

10 07 2008

I saw this post at Blog@Newsarama today and it made me think about other comics that I read that should be tv shows. Or what I think would make a good tv show anyway. And yes I fully believe the now cancelled (sob) Exterminators will make a brilliant tv show.

So without further ado here is Rob’s List of Should Be Shows:


This has been my favourite for a long long time, even before Brian K Vaughan became a name and bidding wars developed over his spec scripts. It’s already slated to be a movie scripted by (yay) BKV but I want a tv show. It has the potential to be a new Buffy for the late 00s. Joss Whedon obviously thought so as he just finished a run as writer. I love the relationships and dialogue in Runaways and the characters have the same allergorical relationship to the teenage experience that Buffy’s crew have. It has the potential to run for a long time. Bonus points: it is officially the comic that Kirsty wants to adapt into a film or tv show.

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

I’ve been reading this manga lately and the thing that struck me is that it has a really strong hook for a tv show. Five students of a Buddhist university are struggling to find jobs so decide to pool their skills to form a special delivery service: to search for unnamed corpses then find out and fullfill their last wills. It’s like the plan I had when I was doing advertising to form a company with some other students and take over the world. Only unlike me they actually do it. The first volume of the manga is a bit ropey but from there on in it’s great! It’s like CSI and those other shows, only good!  I could definitely see it as a HBO kinda show.


Transmet, one of my all time favourite comics would make an excellent show. Spider Jerusalem is a gonzo journalist in a future world gone mad. Over its 60 or so issue run Transmet went from a grubby little pleasure to a hard hitting commentary on contemporary politics. Oh yeah, with a three eyed bastard of a cat. Awesome. Also writer Warren Ellis got to work out some of his hatred for NZ in it – made this kiwi laugh anyway. Wouldn’t be a show for nana though, oh no, definitely not.


Warren Ellis’ other defining work. Unfortunately Planetary will never make it as a tv show unless you made it for a hundred million dollars an episode. When I was first getting into comics this blew my mind. Planetary is a comic about the “Archaeologists of the Impossible”, tracking down the world’s secret history. I’m still waiting for the final issue (it’s only several years overdue) but i’d love to see this made for the screen.

Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman’s zombie masterpiece would make for one of the most unsettling television shows ever. No character is safe, not even the main ones. I think this is a show that the BBC could do well – they have a history of bleak end of the world tv shows and nothing would be bleaker than this. I doubt anyone could stomach the horror on a weekly basis but it would be brilliant.


Gotta have DMZ on this list. Brian Wood’s anatomy of a war zone (in this case Manhattan) would make for a compelling drama. When I read the comic it’s like I’m reading a storyboard and with the war in Iraq its still incredibly relevant. Plus a battered and fucked up Manhattan, I’d tune in for that.


I know there is a Hellboy movie coming out soon and I’m totally amped for that, but a BPRD tv series would be the shit. Like Runaways and Kurosagi above, BPRD has a team concept that I could definitely see expanded to a tv show. Done properly it would be like a more messed up version of the X Files. Plus i want to see the team battling frogs!


For those of you who don’t know, Fables is about well, Fables and fairytale characters who are living in the mundane world. Like the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White, those kind of guys. it could have been twee and the worst kind of lame but Fables is anything but. The story is awesome, the interpretation of the characters is wicked cool and it has high drama in every issue.  


There’s already been a crap film starring everyone’s favourite lunk of wood, Keanu, but that film was almost as far from the comic as you can get without making the character Mickey Mouse. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. Made as a British series with the tone of Cracker, Life on Mars or Ultraviolet this would be wonderful. At least it would wash the taste of Keanu away.

Star Wars: Legacy

I know there’s the Clone Wars cartoon coming soon and it looks brilliant but I would love to see a tv series made of the Star Wars: Legacy comic. The comic harks back to the tone of the original movie – heroes are ambiguous, the dialogue crackles and the universe is gritty and dark. There’s none of the cgi sheen that George Lucas insists is his “true vision”. It’ll never happen but I can dream!



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11 07 2008

Dude, the whole point of the Original Trilogy was that the heroes WEREN’T ambiguous. Luke Skywalker, Leia, Obi Wan, and even Han at the end were all cut and dry heroes. The 70’s were so full of dark stuff that Lucas really wanted to create something where good and evil were clearly defined.

11 07 2008

I disagree with that – Han shot first! At least until Lucas rethought it. That’s where i was coming from. I take your point though, I guess that’s my mental image of the original series coming through 😉

27 08 2008
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[…] originally published so I was quite excited that they were doing a series. It even featured in my Should Be Shows […]

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