me blood is green

3 07 2008

A few weeks ago the Boston Celtics won the NBA title. This is the first time that the team that I have followed all year has won the NBA championship and I was so happy I buzzed about the house for days. Of course if you talk to Kirsty she’ll tell you what a nervous emotional wreck I was throughout the playoffs, but hey, that’s part of the fun right?

A year ago I didn’t care about the Celtics, my team was the Minnesota Timberwolves and about all they had in common was that they both sucked. Badly. So what changed? Kevin Garnett. He swapped teams – went from the T-Wolves to the Celtics and my allegiance swapped with him. Kinda. I still follow the T-Wolves and yes, they still suck and probably going to suck all the more now that they’ve traded for this guy over this guy.ย  (word of advice don’t trade away an athletic potential superstar for a big white stiff, just not a good idea). But my blood is now green. And it’s all down to KG.

I guess it’s not so surprising when I think about it. All the other teams I follow I follow because they are the teams of my area. I’m born and raised in Auckland so I follow the Blues and the Auckland rugby team. Ditto for the Warriors. And I’m kiwi so I have to support the All Blacks. It’s the law (though Edwin will laugh when he reads that). I follow the Timberwolves because when I was getting into the NBA seriously I liked their logo. No, I’m not shitting you, I supported them because of their logo. Oh, and a fierce rookie named Kevin Garnett. He just held my attention and hence I followed him. Of course I also loved Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon and all those other greats from the 90s like the Reign Man, Sir Charles, Stockton-to-Malone, his Airness etc etc. But it was KG I loved. And so when he was traded I traded with him. After game 5 of the finals when he stunk I was so angry that K almost banned me from watching any more games. Then he dominated game 6, won the title and everything was right. He even gave the greatest post game speech in the history of the universe.



3 responses

4 07 2008

I might have to get one of these! I’ve been feeling the pull too, and I’m glad you’re blogging again. Sidetracked.

I don’t really follow NBA teams, but I was glad the Celtics won. I wish I would’ve bet on the game, since I lost $100 on the Super Bowl (GD Patriots) and the friend I bet with was a diehard Lakers fan. A guy from home AND MSU is playing for the Timberwolves summer league, whatever that is, and I like him so if he makes the actual team maybe I’ll root for them. Plus, love wolves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 07 2008

You should come back! And we could get Jeff to come back to! it’ll be like old times ๐Ÿ™‚

4 07 2008

You didn’t have to try too hard to talk me into it. Guess who’s back, back again

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