agents of glory

2 07 2008
I found this interview with writer’s agent John Jarrold quite interesting. In it he says that it’s bloody hard to sell a first novel. I had this illusion that if I scored an agent the battle would already be won. Nah, not that simple. John Jarrold says: “Every editor sees over 30 books each and every week, and might take on two debuts over an entire year. I’ve done nine deals for debut SF and fantasy authors in the last two years, but there are a number of others I’ve submitted very optimistically who have not received any offers at all.”  

Now I find I can take his comments in two ways. One way I get depressed and think what’s the point? the other I see it as a challenge and redouble my efforts to be one of the privileged few. I’m going to follow the second (no brainer huh?).

For those interested in advice from editors and agents, SFX magazine have been featuring interviews from those in the know. It seems to be driven by their short story competition (which I am still bitter about not being able to enter being a kiwi and all) but the advice is relevant to everyone wanting to break into the industry.





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