1 07 2008

I was a late comer to comics. I read things like Asterix and Tintin but they were more like books. Comics “comics” like Batman and Superman – I just didn’t read them. This changed when I was about 18. My sister was obsessed with Aliens. As in the movie, not the little grey men with the overlarge craniums. She watched it all the time, and even read and reread my battered old copy of the Alan Dean Foster adaptation. I still don’t get what her attraction to the movie was – I mean I know why I liked it but her reasons? Anyway for her birthday I picked her up an Aliens comic, one of the British reissues of the Dark Horse stuff. She liked it and then I read it. I liked it. A lot. So much so that I went out and bought some other comics – the awesome 2000AD and later, Judge Dredd the Megazine.

My new obsession was born. Within a couple of years I was reading the Sandman and Preacher and theCover of Brian Wood\'s Demo like. Apart from a few notable exceptions (Arkham Asylum is one) I didn’t really touch the mainstream stuff like Batman and X Men, instead I stuck to the quirky fringes.  That continues even now, I pretty much read all the Vertigo stuff plus a lot of other similar stuff. Brian Wood is probably my current favourite author – DMZ and Northlanders are just brilliant plus he did Heroes before Heroes with Demo.

One of my other faves is Bryan Lee O’Malley and his awesomely awesome Scott Pilgrim. My happiest moment this year came when I came up with a Make a Manga competition for Waitakere Libraries. I approached Bryan if I could use some of his art for our promo material and to my shock and utter fanboy delight he said yes. You can see the pic I used below and the competition starts in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping that I can share some of my comics love with others and maybe, just maybe get another Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman started.Scott Pilgrim




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3 07 2008

Wow, we’ve got to talk comics soon. I’m not surprised in the least that we’ve probably got overlapping taste in comics. I’ve been reading DMZ from the beginning.

4 07 2008

DMZ is the bomb, i’m also digging Hellboy and BPRD a lot. What else are you reading?

4 07 2008
edwin mcrae

Hell, I’m only getting into comics now, mainly thanks to you. Although I did read ‘The Watchmen’ and the ‘Sandman’ series around 2005. Just started ‘Lenore’ – loving it!

4 07 2008

I saw Scott Pilgrim and Batman: Year One had come back yesterday. Did you like?

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