First Post!!

30 06 2008

Hey everybody, it’s me, Rob, and this is my new blog. I should label this Future Ramblings 2.0 since I used to have another Future Ramblings (an .org of all things) back in the day. I lost my enthusiasm for blogging a few years back but there’s this bothersome itch that needs scratching so here i am again. Yay me.

I should probably let you know a little bit about me. I’m 32, and come from Auckland New Zealand. I live with my wife Kirsty and two diabolical geniuses (you can see who I mean here). My paying job is as a Children’s and Teens’ Services Librarian, my real job is writing. What am I writing? A novel. A big fat juicy fantasy epic. I’ve been writing it for years and I’m almost finished. Well technically I’m on my third draft so it’s been finished before but you get what I mean. If you’re interested you can read the prologue here.

I’ll be blogging here about all sorts of things. Some of them might even be interesting. Heh. And you think I’m joking…




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30 06 2008
Edwin McRae

Hey Rob. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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